Laser Cut

Symmetry offers capabilities that cover the whole spectrum
of laser cut hypotubes.

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Laser Cut

Symmetry manufactures a wide array of parts, using our custom state of the art laser cutting systems. We focus on components ranging from cut to length tubes to complex catheters for the medical device industry while maintaining the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

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Benefits of LCHT

Thin walled nitinol, stainless steel and cobalt chrome laser cut hypotubes.


Thin walled hypotubes maximize the inner lumen while maintaining the strength needed for your device.

Customized laser cut hypotubes by Symmetry Laser.


LCHT are fully customizable simplifying the catheter layup and enabling a truly variable flex profile with smooth transitions.

Laser Cut Hypotubes have superior ovality compared to braided or coiled catheters.


LCHT provide a superior product in terms of ovalization around a tight bend.

Laser cut hypotubes that are designed for medical devices can designed by Symmetry Laser for one to one torque (1:1 Torque) which gives the catheter incredible torque response.


LCHT can be optimized to have a 1:1 torque response while maintaining a customizable and flexible profile.

Kink resistant laser cut hypotubes.

Kink Resistance

LCHT can drastically improve kink performance when compared to traditional braided catheters and coils.

Welding and Electropolishing for Laser Cut Hypotubes for Simplified Catheter Manufacturing.

Simplified Manufacturing

LCHT can dictate the flex profile of your catheter, eliminating the need for multiple polymers, drastically reducing the manufacturing time and cost of your device.


Laser Cut Hypotubes provide structure and flexibility like no other material alternative.
They provide the ability to predictably control movement, every time.

Drag the slider to bend the catheter.


Typical Kerf Width

.001" (25.4µm)

Wall Thickness

from .0007" to .050"

Tolerance Control

typically ± .0003”

Material Length

up to 10'

Part Length

from .005" to 10'


Stainless Steel

304, 316, 17-7

Cobalt Chrome

MP35N & L605


All cutting is on-axis


Symmetry Laser Logo.On-axis laser cutting icon.


Off-axis laser cut hypotube icon.


ISO 13485:2016 - Click to download


Every lot comes with a Certificate of Conformance (CoC) and material traceability.
Every material is inspected upon arrival before it is put on the rack for storage.


Our custom cleaning and pickling process chemically etches all the oxide from the part yielding a clean and burr free part. This process follows ASTM A380 and has also passed passivation tests.

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Chemical cleaning process for laser cut hypotubes.


If required, we offer additional Nitric 2 Passivation onsite per ASTM A967 to remove the free iron from the surface of your parts, leaving a protective chromium-rich oxide passive layer.

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Symmetry laser offers in house passivation of laser cut hypotubes, stents and nitinol components to ASTM A967, Passivation of Stainless Steel Components.

Other Services.

We offer additional services through our wide array of partners with similar mindsets – including laser welding, electropolishing, laser marking EDM and ECG.

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Services offered by Symmetry Laser including laser welding, electopolishing, laser marking EDM and ECG.

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