Symmetry Laser is a leading production supplier that also specializes in delivering custom prototypes within 3 to 5 days. We prioritize reliability and excellence to ensure our customers receive exceptional service and top-quality components. Symmetry utilizes a high level of experience with a software driven structure to solve your toughest technical challenges.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to making Symmetry Laser the preferred option for Laser Cut Hypotubes (LCHTs), by providing the highest quality parts, the fastest turnaround time, and the most innovative solutions in the industry.

Innovative Solutions.

At Symmetry Laser we are dedicated to moving the medical device industry forward. Since 2021, we have been laser cutting quality hypotubes for devices across many different applications. Unlocking the potential of LCHTs paves the way for innovation, allowing for never-before-seen performance, quality, and consistency.

The Unattainable Triangle.

In the medical device industry, it is often said: "Quality, Cost, Speed - Pick Two". At Symmetry Laser, we are dedicated to breaking this convention, delivering our customers all three.

Symmetry Laser is an ISO 13485 company for laser cut stents and hypotubes.


Our commitment to quality means we consistently meet your Acceptable Quality Level (AQL). We take in-process measurements and use statistical process control (SPC) to ensure our data is backed up with accurate statistics. We are proud to be ISO 13485:2016 certified, so you can trust that our processes meet the highest industry standards.

Laser cut hypotubes are an effective replacement for a braided catheter. Symmetry Laser is a high volume manufacturer of laser cut hypotubes for the medical device industry.


At Symmetry Laser, we understand the importance of cost in manufacturing. That's why we've designed our facility from the ground up to streamline the laser cutting process, eliminating wasted movement and time. We analyze every part for manufacturability to help your parts scale rapidly to production, keeping your costs low.

Laser cutting services for rapid prototyping and research and development.


We know that time is of the essence when it comes to manufacturing. Our custom real-time paperless manufacturing system enables us to manage a constant flow of data, streamlining every step of the manufacturing process. This means we can get you your parts faster than anyone else, without compromising on quality or cost.

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When it comes to laser cut tubes for
the medical device industry, Symmetry
has you covered.

Nick Zanobini

Nick (co-founder) began his medical device career at Boston Scientific specializing in automated equipment for neuromodulation. Later, he developed and refined the engineering & manufacturing processes for Aduro Laser, leading to best-in-class turnaround times and quality.

After Aduro was aquired by Resonetics, Nick honed his career on all facets of laser cut tubing, including equipment design, rapid prototyping and production. Nick has quickly become one of the premier laser cut tubing designers in the industry.

Jay Vinson

Jay has spent more than 20 years in the medical device industry in various engineering, quality and sales roles. After working on design, development and sales of cardiac surgery products at Guidant, he moved upstream to contract manufacturing focusing on components and subassemblies. Most recently, Jay was Director of Business Development at Resonetics.

Jay is dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals of moving from concept design to market release efficiently and effectively.

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