Symmetry Laser Joins Chamfr

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January 21, 2024

Symmetry Laser has joined as a new seller on! Now you can order from over 200 laser cut hypotubes enabling you to prototype faster than ever before.

Symmetry Laser Joins Chamfr!

Symmetry Laser has joined as a new seller on! Now you have access to over 200 unique off-the-shelf laser cut hypotubes to enable faster prototyping than ever before. In an effort to increase quick access to quality medical device components, we have made a wide variety of standard size catheter tubes available for purchase through Chamfr.

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All of our laser cut hypotubes are cleaned to ASTM A380 and passivated to Nitric 2 per ASTM A967.

Symmetry Laser's online components expedite your prototyping process, with standard hypotubes ready to ship within 24 hours. For solutions tailored to your specific needs, we can deliver your custom part tuned to exactly what you need in just 3-5 days.

Symmetry Engineering

The Symmetry Laser Engineering team combines for more than 60 years of industry experience designing and manufacturing the most innovative and dependable laser cut hypotubes (LCHT). The Symmetry Engineering team is dedicated to providing it's customers with effective catheter solutions that enable life saving devices.